Photo of the Month, April 2019


My goal in photographing special events is to provide images that my client can use in several ways:

- To show off how fantastic the event was
- To draw the attention of anyone who didn't attend this time and make them want to be there next time

I always look for the big, elaborate, exciting things, and also the small things, right down to how the caterer put the shrimp on the plates.

I also show up to the event before it begins so I can photograph an overall view of how the place is set up, or if it's a fundraising walk, capturing images of the walkers putting on their badges, etc.

I try to photograph a special event like I am a guest there who is in awe of how much fun, how exciting, or how much money the event will raise for a good cause.

There are many ways to look at the special events I do, so I get a variety of moods, like the guest speaker looking very serious as well as very happy when they're talking to guests, whether it's a politician or the employee of the week.

I regularly photograph a wide range of special events. From cancer walks that start in Camden and end up on South Street, to big, corporate galas, to a ribbon cutting for a new computer in a church basement. My goal is always the same: to make the photographs reflect how exciting or serious it needs to be.

I also take time to photograph the vendors who are there - the projects or artwork they set up, or the nurse taking blood at a health drive, or the chef making designer cupcakes on the spot. I know that the people who put on special events spend a lot of time and money to make sure their event is the best, most exciting event of the year, and I try to capture every aspect that they have worked on for their clients, friends, and potential customers.

In closing, please take a moment to visit my new website that's just for this kind of photography,

I look forward to seeing you at the next event! Thanks again!

- Kevin S. Nash

Photo Details: Harrah’s Philadelphia rooftop party.


April, 2019