Photo of the Month, Oct. 2018


Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up. First off, I lived in a six-story apartment building back in Connecticut. So trick-or-treating was always inside - the weather never bothered me.

We would start on the bottom floor, fill up our big old shopping bags, keep going up, and drop off our haul from the first three floors at my house on the third floor, and then finish the rest of the building.

My Mother just told me, recently, that she wouldn't buy that much Halloween candy because she knew that me and three or four of my friends would drop all of our Halloween candy from the first three floors off at our place, and then she'd just recycle it out to the other kids that were coming by. I never noticed it at all.

And then, after we finished the top three floors, we would all come back and spend the rest of the night trading with each other.

I remember getting a lecture a few days before Halloween not to take any apples because people would sometimes put things in apples to hurt kids. I never wanted an apple anyway. And I really feel sorry for the kids today who get carrots.

Keep the tradition going, people. Give them candy.

This time of year, I always have to get some Reese's Pieces, a Hershey Crunch bar, and a Three Musketeers bar. Those are my favorites. Oh! And a Mounds.

Times have definitely changed. Looking back, our parents didn't walk around the building with us because we knew everybody in the building. Also, Halloween now also marks the start of the Christmas season.

So, to all my friends out there, think back on your Halloween memories and give the kids something fun. Something exciting they can eat. All the things their parents won't have - or the parents might take for themselves.

Happy Halloween, everybody! Talk to you next month.

- Kevin S. Nash

Photo Details: Self-project, K.S.N. Images, Inc., 2018


October, 2018


Happy Halloween!